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Darsonval High frequency ray wrinkles Acne Anti-Aging Hair Skin wand

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Product Description

Darsonval High frequency ray wrinkles Acne Anti-Aging Hair Skin wand.
In the high frequency low current therapy is worked with alternating currents of high tension. Damaged, weak, and diseased skin cells gain by RF oxygen a lot of energy. The RF rod is placed on the affected area and the released ozone causes an optimal disinfection and prevents inflammation. The HF treatment promotes blood circulation to the skin. The acid mantle of the skin is stabilised and active ingredients can be better incorporated into the skin.

The HF treatment takes about 10 minutes and is painless.

Ideal for the treatment of:
*wrinkled skin
*poor circulation skin
*skin needed to regeneration
*impure skin
*skin tended to inflammation

The set consist of:
*the Darsonval device
*four glass electrodes:
1.’comb’ – normalisation of scalp hair loss
2.’tear’ – to apply in hard to reach areas such as eyes
3.’Mini’ – to apply to face, decollete
4.’Mushroom’ – to apply to the face and décolleté

Technical details:
*Power 10W
*Voltage: 220 V / 50 Hz
*Color: White
*Dimensions: approx 32.5cm x 21cm x 6cm

The device has the following effect:
*stimulation, regeneration and renewal
of the skin
*stimulates the exfoliation of dead skin
*improves blood circulation to the skin
*tightening and smoothing

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Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 32.5 x 21 x 6 cm

1 review for Darsonval High frequency ray wrinkles Acne Anti-Aging Hair Skin wand

  1. Jessica


    I really like this for my overall skin appearance of my skin, i would recommend very short but thorough sessions every day then eventually every other day as this is something that helps your skin by the third or fourth week. if you tap a white head with it it helps you be able to pop it more effortlessly as it almost puts micro holes into your skin; as gross as that sounds. i definitely prefer this over a “derma-roller” cause those needles hurt and make me bleed. I’ve only been using this for about 3 weeks now about every other day. This tools is great for people who like to pick at your pimples as this tool gives you weapon to unleash your wrath on those obnoxious blemish’s in a less scarring/damaging way.

  2. Leilani
    5 out of 5


    I decided to get this as I suffer from cystic acne. It’s not all over my face but once in awhile I get one and it’s HUGE and takes forever to go away. Not to mention painful. I have very oily skin and I get facials regularly(every 3 months). The lady that does my facials always uses a high frequency machine on me at the end of my facial. It does not hurt it’s just a little loud. The noise it makes it’s scarier than anything. My facial lady swears by this machine and from having it done for over two years when I get a facial, I had no complaints. So I figured I should buy one. She showed me one and it looked exactly like this one. So when I saw this one in this store and it was more than half of what it would cost me to purchase it from her I figured I would try it. I’ve been using this machine for about 3 weeks now and I have no complaints. I’ve gotten 1 cystic pimple in those 3 weeks and it didn’t last as long as they normally do. However my overall skin on my face seems a lot better. It’s smoother and looks more radiant. Now I did read there are two kinds of high frequency machines. Each uses a different gas. One is red and one is purple. This machine has the red gas. I’m not sure if that is “for” acne prone skin or not but so far I really like this machine.

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